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NOW you can use your mobile as remote control for your television

To use mobile as remote control With or without infrared, via Wifi, if you have Android or iOS, different applications… In all these ways you can transform your mobile phone into a remote control.

Mobile as remote from Pexels

That with the mobile phone there will come a time when perhaps we can carry out the vast majority of actions would not be a surprise. But one of the most common uses in our home is the remote control when watching television, so, as we normally have our cell phone at hand, we could also use it as such. Therefore, we explain how to do it.

With or without infrared and WiFi

If the device has them, you can download the IR Universal TV Remote application (available on Google Play), after doing so it will ask you for the device you want to control, which can be DVD, Blu-Ray, televisions or sound bars . When you have selected it, select its brand, write a name to register it and there will be a connection.

On the other hand, if your mobile phone does not have infrared, which would not be surprising, since fewer and fewer people have it, there are apps that allow you to connect devices via WiFi or Bluetooth . To use them, you have to connect your mobile phone and television to the same wireless network.

If you own an iPhone

Since it does not have infrared or Android TV, of course, in order to use this Apple device as a remote control you must download an application made available by some manufacturers such as LG or third-party apps that are compatible.

Although Apple introduced AppleTV in the iOS control center , so if we have this complement for the brand’s televisions, we only have to link them with our account and WiFi network. In this way, all the buttons we need will appear on the smartphone itself without the need to download anything else.

Apple TV remote

To do this, you must enter Settings – Control Center – Add Apple TV Remote. Following this, click on the remote control icon that will appear and you will be able to control the television as long as it is on the same Wi-Fi network as the mobile. If our television is not compatible with the iOS system, we will have to download the corresponding application to be able to transform the mobile phone into a remote control.

If you have Android

To do this you can use the Google TV application or with Google Home . To do this, download the Google Home app and pair your Smart TV with Android TV or Google TV and then access the control section from Google Home. The bad thing is that with this you can only raise and lower the volume, mute or activate the sound of the television and control multimedia playback.

You can also use the Mi Remote application , an app developed by Xiaomi , but which works for any Android mobile. It is true that it must have infrared, but it allows you to control all types of devices if they are connected to the same WiFi network. This has generated a lot of popularity and if we have this sensor, we only need to download it, install it and put it into operation.

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