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WatchOS 10: all the news coming to Apple Watch and models that will be updated

A few weeks ago, Apple called us for today, June 5. The reason Apple Watch ? Its annual Worldwide Developer Conference, or in other words, WWDC 2023 . And as usual, the company has taken advantage of the event to present the next version of its operating systems.

In addition to finally revealing the most important new features that will come to the iPhone with iOS 17 , Apple has also announced some functions that WatchOS 10 will bring to the watch from the Cupertino factory. And we have more than one surprise because hardly any features have been leaked until now.

As expected, WatchSO 10 will arrive with a renewed system interface where widgets take center stage, very similar to what has happened in the most modern versions of iOS. Those widgets will be accessible in the new Smart Group from any watch face, just by turning the digital crown.

News in design and navigation Apple Watch

With WatchOS 10, we can access the Control Center with the side button to make it easier and faster to open it, at any time and from any app. Simply double-tap the Digital Crown to see recently used apps.

Some apps (such as Weather, Stocks, Home, Maps, Messages, and World Clock) have also been redesigned to display more information and look more attractive. And two new spheres are introduced:

Apple Watchos 10
  • Snoopy – Along with Woodstock, he plays clockwise, reacts to surrounding weather conditions, and exercises when you’re training.
  • Palette : marks the passage of time through three superimposed layers that change the color of the dial.

News in sports and health

In the sports section, WatchOS 10 places special emphasis on cycling , so it is possible to connect the Apple Watch via Bluetooth with potentiometers, speed sensors and cadence sensors.

More metrics and training views are now shown when we ride a bike: heart rate zones, power zones, Elevation, Time Trial Route and the new Bike Speed ​​view.For hikers, the WatchOS 10 Compass automatically generates two new waypoints with mobile coverage so you can call in case of emergency. To this we must add the new topographic map with contour lines, relief shading, elevation data and points of interest (first, in the United States).

It also comes with new functions focused on mental health : from your wrist, it is possible to keep track of your mood every day and your emotions at specific times. Then, from your iPhone, you can see what might be influencing your mental state and easily access screening criteria and information about depression and anxiety.

Additionally, in order to prevent nearsightedness in children and eye strain in adults, WatchOS 10 combines Wear Time and the TrueDepth camera to encourage us to distance ourselves if we look at it closer than 30 cm from the face for an extended period. And using the ambient light sensor, you can measure how much time we spend outdoors.

Other news from WatchOs 10

  • Renewed interface : widgets gain more prominence and new access to the Control Center.
  • Application redesign : some apps such as Weather, Home, Maps, Stocks, Messages or World Clock have been updated in relation to the aesthetic aspect.
  • Two new spheres : Palette and Snoopy come to Apple Watch to offer a greater diversity of spheres.
  • NameDrop: will allow us to share contact information by bringing an Apple Watch closer to an iPhone.
  • iPhone Offline Maps: With a paired iPhone, you can use maps even when you don’t have a WiFi or cellular data connection.
  • FaceTime : Starting playback of a FaceTime video message directly on the Apple Watch will be possible, as well as listening to the audio of group calls.
  • Medication App: it will show us reminders on the watch if we do not record the corresponding medication intake 30 minutes after the scheduled time.

That is, all models starting with Apple Watch Series 4 , as long as they are paired with iPhone Xs or later, with iOS 17 installed. However, some features may not be available in all regions, all languages, or on all devices.

Images credits | Apple

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