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The 8 best websites to watch free movies streaming legally

Everyone like to watch movies but sometimes we want to watch free movies Without any charges

Watch free movies

How To Watch Free Movies Best Website for watch free movies

In a scenario with so many options in terms of paid streaming platforms, sometimes it is easy to overlook that there are more options to watch content. Specifically, to watch movies there are several legal and free websites , some of which do not even require registration and have real gems in their catalog.


RTVE’s on-demand television service is perfect for recovering movies that have been broadcast on its channels . It is not necessary to register (although doing so allows you to download offline content) and in its catalog we have films that are not on other platforms ( ‘Psychonauts: the forgotten children’ , ‘Sentimental’ , ‘Another round’ ), European cinema ( ‘ Portrait of a Woman on Fire’ , ‘The Life of Adèle’ ) and Spanish cinema ( ‘The Girls’ , ‘O Que Arde’, ‘Summer 1993’ ), among others.

Youtube and Legally Free

On YouTube it is possible to watch many movies for free and legally, because their copyright has expired . Legally free , for its part, is a page that selects the entire free movie catalog from YouTube (so you don’t have to search one by one) and orders them by genre. Here you can find classics like ‘The Birth of a Nation’, ‘Metropolis’, ‘Rashomon’ , ‘Journey to the Moon’, ‘Dawn’ by Murnau…

Pluto TV

One of the most practical, Pluto TV allows you to watch movies live from the channels that broadcast them or watch them on demand . There is no need to register and it offers a wide range of titles: ‘The Hunt’, ‘Charade’, ‘Nader and Simin, a separation’, ‘Ghost in the Shell’, ‘Sophie’s Choice’, …

Rakuten TV

It’s primarily a rental platform but Rakuten TV also has some free movies with ads once you’ve signed up. Although many are from the catalogue, if you take a look you will find more than one interesting one: ‘Rec’, ‘El perfume’, the Korean ‘The Woman from Hell’ or ‘Truman’, to name a few.


Another platform with a wide catalogue, at EFilm we find everything from great classics to animated films , better-known films, more independent ones, etc. Here we find titles like: ’12 Men Without Mercy’, ‘8½’, ‘Raging Bull’, ‘The Boy and the Beast’, ‘The Song of the Sea’, ‘The Great Escape’, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life!’ , ‘Apartment’…


Tivify has several payment plans but also a free one that allows you to watch movies broadcast in the last week on the different channels it includes: both free-to-air (La 1, Antena 3, Telecinco…) and paid (TNT, AXN, SyFy …).


Another platform that includes streaming TV and also many on-demand movie titles , yes, with ads and subtitles in English. Some of the ones you can find on Plex TV are ‘M: the Vampire of Düsseldorf’, ‘Repulsion’, ‘Stagecoach’, ‘ Nosferatu’ , ‘Late Spring’, ‘The Woman in the Painting’…


Finally, anime fans surely know Crunchyroll , a platform that has a paid version that saves you advertising, although it can also be viewed for free. The vast majority of its catalog are series but it has a couple of hidden films (in fact, there is not even a film category as such), such as ‘Book Girl’ (‘Bungaku Shojo’), ‘For whom the alchemist exists’, ‘Peace Maker Kurogane’, ‘Yes, No or Maybe?’, ‘Hakubo’ or ‘Strait Jacket’.

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