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Gold Price Today

What is Gold Price “Gold price Today”

Gold Is one of the expensive materials Which is used For jewelry And in appliances. In this article We will let you know the ” Gold price Today” Oct 26th 2023, 06:13:35 pm NY time

What is Gold Price Today?

Gold Price per ounce

GOLD price per ounce is 1984, 88 and there is increase Of +1.93 % in the price it keeps flactuating daily

GOLD price per gram

Well Gold price per Gram is 63.85 and there is an increase of 0.07 % as compared to old price

GOLD price per kilo

So GGold price per kilo will be 63,792.82 dollars and there is increase Of 39.54 persent in price.

Well if You wanna stay updated With the price You can Follow This link To Know the Actual price of Gold

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