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Google wants to blow up Amazon Prime Day and it can achieve it: its new Pixels debut with offers

On Prime Day in October there are dozens of attractive mobile phones on offer, but few like the new Pixel 8.

Google has launched its new mobile phone in style, with a great launch offer.For the price of the mobile, 799 euros , you get the Pixel Buds Pro completely free.Follow the Prime Day offers on Amazon live.

Update October 12: Amazon Prime Day is over but this offer is not, so you can still buy the new Pixel 8 with free headphones for €799 .

Amazon’s Prime Offer Party is already underway, and as the icing on the cake, a mobile phone that was not really invited has been sneaked in, the Pixel 8, which has not been chosen by the store as one of the offers for this Prime Day , but that Google has wanted to position as one of the most attractive bargains.

This is explained because it is not necessary to have a Prime account to buy the new Pixel 8 on sale, as is the case with all other promotions, so it is not strictly an offer of this campaign, but isn’t it true that it is notable that for the mobile phone price can you get free headphones ?

If you pay the 799 euros that the Pixel 8 costs, the Pixel Buds Pro are included in the pack at no additional cost, completely free, and they are headphones that separately cost more than 200 euros , so it is a more than interesting combo.

Not only does the Pixel 8 promise to be one of the best phones of 2023 , but it also comes accompanied by those that are objectively already among the best wireless headphones you can get, and we know this because we have tested them thoroughly and the results have been truly outstanding. good.

The new Google mobile therefore lands on Amazon with an indirect discount that, although it is outside the Prime Day campaign, makes it the protagonist of these two days of offer, although the combo we mentioned has been on sale for several days now. sale.

AI as the flag and, once again, photos

Google’s Pixels boast above all of offering a very fluid Android experience, without superfluous processes that other manufacturers use and that drain battery and resources. In addition, updates will last seven years, longer than any other brand.

It is therefore the closest thing to an iPhone that can be bought in the Android world, but there are additions in this generation that will revolutionize its specifications, especially what has to do with the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Google has embedded AI in almost everything in the Pixel 8 : from noise reduction on calls, to spam filtering, to the virtual assistant, so it’s a smarter phone than any other on sale.

The brand also maintains one of the strong points of previous generations, and that is the camera, which takes photos that are truly unattainable for others, especially due to the image processing that has been the pride of Google for years.

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