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iPhone SE 4, new rumors arrive about its design and specifications

The next iPhone SE 4 the long-awaited fourth generation, should arrive soon and now we are getting new interesting rumors.

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New rumors of the iPhone SE 4

According to this new information, Apple could use the iPhone 14 design for its iPhone SE 4 . The iPhone 14 is quite similar to the iPhone 13 on the outside, but inside it introduces important changes to its chassis.

The iPhone SE 4, known internally under the codename Ghost, is expected to receive a new design derived almost entirely from the base model iPhone 14.

The iPhone SE 4 would be similar to the iPhone 14

However, there are two important new features that Apple would introduce: the Action button and the USB-C port . The Action button is a multi-use button that replaces the mute switch on the iPhone 15 Pro and the USB-C port could be the future of the iPhone

iPhone SE 4 cameras

In the cameras section, we will see many differences compared to the design of the iPhone 14. MacRumors says that we will have a single rear camera with the flash aligned in an arrangement similar to that of the third generation iPhone SE . Although it’s unclear how it will be positioned, Apple has developed at least five different designs for the camera module, with minor differences between them.

The upcoming iPhone SE will feature a single camera with the flash aligned in a similar arrangement to the third-generation iPhone SE.

Of course, the camera would be powerful since there is talk that Apple will opt for a 48-megapixel main sensor in the iPhone SE 4 . An important change that would greatly enhance the iPhone SE 4, since it would allow it to have a 12-megapixel 2x zoom.

IPhone se 4

Apple 5G modem

Apple is also working on an internal 5G modem , codenamed “Sinope,” and it appears to be being used by the iPhone SE 4 to test the new hardware . This may be Apple’s first iPhone with this new modem.

It is worth noting that the information presented here is preliminary pre-production information. The fourth-generation iPhone SE is still early in the development process, and changes are always possible.

iPhone SE 4 launch

MacRumors does not talk about release dates, but taking into account its information, we can get an idea that this iPhone SE 4 is not close . Apple continues to sell the iPhone 14, so it makes no sense to launch an iPhone SE with this design and with improvements but cheaper.

In addition, it is said that Apple would not have its own 5G modem ready until 2026, so it is quite difficult for us to see it before that year. It is practically impossible for this iPhone SE 4 to come out in 2024 .

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