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iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14 comparison, differences, changes and features

iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14 comparison, differences, changes and features

  • After the arrival of the new iPhone 15, it is time to compare them with the iPhone 14, these are all the differences and improvements

The iPhone 15 arrives to succeed the iPhone 14 , one of the best-selling smartphones of its generation. And, everything seems to indicate, it will do much better. The iPhone 15 arrives with a good dose of new features and changes , a deeper renovation than the iPhone 14 had compared to the iPhone 13 .

Many of the differences between the iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 can be seen with the naked eye, but we also have a good number of internal improvements. In this comparison between the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 14 you will discover all the differences between both devices.

What are the differences between iPhone 15 and iPhone 14?

This year the differences are important, the iPhone 14 barely improved in a handful of aspects compared to the iPhone 13, but the iPhone 15 improves a lot compared to the iPhone 14 . These are the main changes:

  • Dynamic Island instead of the notch.
  • A16 Bionic Chip.
  • 48 megapixel main camera.
  • 2x “optical” zoom.
  • Photos in super high resolution (24 and 48 Mpx)
  • USB-C instead of Lightning.
  • Brighter screen.
  • New colors.

Comparison of features and specifications: iPhone 15 vs iPhone 14

BrandiPhone 15iPhone 14
Dimensions14.76 x 7.16 x 0.78cm14.67 x 7.15 x 0.78cm
ScreenSuper Retina XDR OLED technology 1,000 nits maximum brightness (2,000 outdoors)Super Retina XDR OLED Technology 800 nits maximum brightness
Screen dimensions6.1 inches6.1 inches
Resolution and density2,556 x 1,179 pixels 460 p/p2,532 x 1,170 pixels 460 p/p
ProcessorA16 BionicA15 Bionic
OSiOS 17iOS 17
Storage128GB 256GB 512GB128GB 256GB 512GB
CamerasMain camera: 48 mpx Ultra wide angle camera: 12 mpxMain camera: 12 mpx Ultra wide angle camera: 12 mpx
ColorsPink Yellow Blue Black GreenBlue Purple Midnight Yellow Star White Red
OthersDynamic Island, Dual SIM, Face ID, IP68 water resistance, MagSafe, Ceramic Shield, True Tone, Super high resolution photos (24 and 48 Mpx), Accident detection, satellite connectionDual SIM, Face ID, IP68 water resistance, MagSafe, Ceramic Shield, True Tone, Accident detection, satellite connection
IPhone 15 vs iphone 14


The overall design of the two iPhones is quite similar, using aluminum in the frame and glass on the back. With a square camera module with two sensors placed diagonally. However, there are quite a few subtle, and not so subtle, changes . Let’s analyze them all:

  • Dynamic Island . An important change that affects the design and functionality of the iPhone 15. We no longer have a notch, now entry-level iPhones also have a dynamic island with all its great functions.
  • Rounded sides . It’s a change that may not be noticeable to the naked eye, but the aluminum frames are now slightly rounded at the corners.
  • Matte glass . The rear glass of the iPhone 15 now has a matte finish like the one the iPhone Pro had until now, the iPhone 14 has a glossy finish.
  • Change in colors . Apple has completely changed its color range this year, opting for pastel shades and eliminating the color white. Pink, Yellow, Blue, Green and Black are the options for the iPhone 15.
IPhone 15 colors


But the best features of the iPhone 15 camera do not stop at the specifications, thanks to the software and the A16 Bionic chip we have many more new features:

  • 12 MP 2x optical zoom .
  • State-of-the-art portraits with Depth and Focus Control .
  • Super high resolution photos of 24 and 48 MP .
The camera of the phone 15 is one of the sections that improves the most this year


It may not seem like the screens of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 are not the same , not even the size. Although Apple advertises them as 6.1″ screens, there are subtle differences. The screen of the iPhone 14 is 6.06 inches and the screen of the iPhone 15 is 6.12 inches . So the screen of the iPhone 15 It’s slightly larger, and that makes it have a little more resolution.

But the differences don’t end there, the iPhone 15 screen has some interesting improvements compared to the iPhone 14, especially when it comes to brightness:

  • iPhone 15 display : 6.12 inches, 2,556 x 1,179 pixels, 1,000 nits peak brightness (typical), 1,600 nits peak brightness (HDR), and 2,000 nits peak brightness (outdoor).
  • iPhone 14 display : 6.06 inches, 2,532 x 1,170 pixels, 800 nits peak brightness (typical) and 1,300 nits peak brightness (HDR).


In this section we have a generation leap, the A16 Bionic chip in the iPhone 15 is significantly superior to the A15 Bionic chip equipped in the iPhone 14. The improvement in multi-core behavior is between 15 and 20% power, so it is an important difference. To materialize these data, this is the score that these chips obtain in Geekbench:

  • A16 Bionic Chip (iPhone 15) : 2642 in single core and 6947 in multi-core.
  • A16 Bionic Chip (iPhone 15) : 2642 in single core and 6947 in multi-core.


In this section we do not have any difference , at least according to the data shared by Apple. The iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 obtain the same results in terms of autonomy, which are as follows:

  • Video playback : up to 20 hours
  • Video streaming : up to 16 hours
  • Audio playback : up to 80 hours.
  • Fast charging : up to 50% charge in 30 minutes.

IPhone 15 Price

Important difference, the iPhone 15 has come out at a price that is 50 euros cheaper than the iPhone 14 came out . This is something to keep in mind, even though the price of the iPhone 14 has now dropped.

  • Starting price of the iPhone 15 : 959 euros.
  • iPhone 14 starting price : 1,009 euros.
  • Current price of the iPhone 15 : 859 euros.


Is it worth buying the iPhone 15 if I have the iPhone 14?

Switching from one iPhone generation to the next doesn’t always make sense. The iPhone 14 is still a very capable and highly recommended smartphone , however it is true that this year we have very interesting improvements in the new generation, better than other years.

would only recommend upgrading to the new iPhone 15 if the camera is important to you . With 48 megapixels, the iPhone 15 takes a significant leap in quality, in addition to incorporating a 12-megapixel 2x optical zoom which, in practice, is like having a third sensor.

Is it more advisable to buy the iPhone 15 or the iPhone 14?

The current price difference between the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 14 is 100 euros, although this may vary depending on the offers we find. However, despite the price difference, I think the iPhone 15 is much more recommended and worth that extra expense.We have important improvements such as a brighter screen, the Dynamic Island or the 48 megapixel main camera for which it is really worth investing a little more. If you are going to buy one of them, my recommendation is to go for the iPhone 15.

image credits : Apple

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