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Little-Known iPhone Screenshot Trick to ‘Print’ Entire Pages to PDF

How to print iPhone Screenshot to pdf

In everyday life there are few tasks that I use as much no matter what I do with my iPhone screenshot, a simple key combination (volume up and side button or the Touch ID button and the side button for the iPhone SE) to have a photo of what I’m seeing. But sometimes I am interested beyond what the edges of the panel delimit: I want to be able to save the entire page and scrolling and taking screenshots is not a decent solution. Fortunately, iOS has a solution: capture the entire page and convert it to PDF . Although it is not new, whenever I mention it among users I usually find surprised faces at the lack of knowledge of this trick.

I’m putting you in trouble: you are reading an article on your iPhone screen and you are interested in saving the entire page , something that if the text is large, it will not fit on a screenshot. Just as there is the function of printing full screen on computers, you can do the same on your iPhone or iPad.

Not just the screen, save the entire article in PDF

Thus, you simply have to proceed as if you were taking a normal screenshot . Then tap on the thumbnail that appears immediately afterward in the lower left corner of the screen and pay attention.

If you do nothing and let the process continue as usual, only the screen you see is saved, but if instead of the ‘Screen’ tab (the one always chosen ), you tap on ‘ Full Page ‘, a PDF document will be generated . Note that you can scroll by sliding on the sidebar on the right to move forward in the document.

If you then tap on the ‘ OK ‘ that appears in the upper left corner, you will have the option to choose where to store this newly created PDF . In this way it is possible to save a complete article to read it later, share it or simply save it while maintaining its original design and structure.

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