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iPhone 16: release date, price, models

iPhone 16: release date, price, models and everything we think we know about them

The successor to the iPhone 15 is already beginning to appear. It will be bigger, more powerful, and better, although perhaps more expensive

The iPhone 16 is already taking shape within the Cupertino laboratories . While our attention is focused on current models, Apple is already working on the following. In this case, the iPhone that will be presented, if everything goes according to plan, in September 2024.

Right now we know little about these new iPhones, but the first rumors are already appearing . Rumors that tell us about design changes, benefits and, in general, that this generation of iPhone can surprise us with several changes. Let’s review everything we know.

What design will the iPhone 16 have?

We expect the iPhone 16 to inherit the design of the iPhone 15 , which is currently still in the form of rumors, although we get a good idea thanks to some renders from 9to5Mac . We think its trailing edge could be a bit more rounded , perhaps to improve grip and also as a result of a material change.

As we know, the iPhone 16 would have a titanium frame, which could fit with the latest rumors of the iPhone 15 Pro . Similarly, we expect this design to bring back the haptic buttons that had been canceled on the iPhone 15 and retain the USB-C connector that would have already debuted on the previous generation. For now, the iPhone without ports has been ruled out.

There is also talk that the Pro models have larger screens. Specifically 6.3 and 6.9 inches. It was advanced by Ross Young a while ago and recently corroborated by Mark Gurman . This will mean, we understand, a larger battery, which added to the greater efficiency of a 3-nanometer chip, and the efficiency that we already found in the first betas of iOS 17, could mean a considerable increase in its duration. Although we remember that they will come out together with iOS 18.

IPhone 16

Everything indicates that it will continue to have the Dynamic Island. At first we thought Apple would keep the camera hole in the screen, but the rest of the hardware for our identification would disappear from view. However, according to Ross Young, that won’t happen until the iPhone 17 . This is ignoring the very vague rumors that we could see a foldable iPhone . Something that at the moment does not seem to be coming.

According to one of the latest rumors , the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus will come with the camera position of the iPhone 12 . That is, with vertical orientation instead of diagonal. In principle, and according to the leaker, this would not have any type of practical use, and would simply be one more way to differentiate them from the iPhone 15.

How many iPhone 16 models do we expect ?

As for models, we expect an iPhone 16, an iPhone 16 Max, initially but with a larger screen size, an iPhone 16 Pro and a 16 Pro Max (both with a reduction in the frames) which could also be called iPhone 16. Ultra. In total four models with sizes of 6.1 and 6.3 inches for the smallest ones and 6.7 and 6.9 inches for the largest ones .

What features will the iPhone 16 have?

It is too early to talk about benefits themselves. What we do know is that the iPhone 16 will have, if all goes as planned, an A18 Bionic. A chip that, as far as we know, will be manufactured in a 3 nm process , which should contribute to further reducing the terminal’s energy consumption.

Assuming that the iPhone 16 retains the same battery type and configuration, the improved efficiency of the chip should represent an increase in autonomy by at least 25% compared to the iPhone 14 . A more than substantial improvement that, if accompanied by somewhat larger batteries, can make a lot of difference.

Regarding the cameras, which is a section that Apple has been paying attention to for some time, this iPhone 16 Pro will use, according to rumors, a 1/1.14-inch sensor, which will allow it to capture more light and improve efficiency in low-light photos . . An improved telephoto lens that allows for greater zoom is also expected.

Furthermore, according to DCS specifically, the iPhone 16 Pro Max will bring a 300mm sensor, an outrage compared to the 77mm sensor of the iPhone 14 Pro. It is a fairly reliable source that has been very right in the past , and if true, we could be facing one of the biggest improvements in recent years to the iPhone camera.

Recent information from Jeff Pu (via MacRumors ) tells us that the iPhone 16 Pro will come with Wi-Fi 7, which is much faster than the current one . Likewise, the ultra-wide angle sensor (0.5x) would be 48MP, improving its quality quite a bit, since the current one is 12MP.

A Korean media called SamMobile claims that Apple will use OLED screens with microlens technology. This is already something that has been used in other products such as the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and it provides much more brightness without affecting consumption as much .

What price will the iPhone 16 have?

We expect a slight price increase in the iPhone 15. Some rumors, on the other hand, announce a price reduction of at least $100. Beyond this, we are too many months away to make an assessment. There are many variables at play , such as the euro-dollar parity and also inflation. The recent situation of tension in Russia could trigger problems that would also affect this, so at the moment probably not even Tim Cook himself is clear about it.

As a guide, we would have to think about prices of just over 1,000 euros for the base iPhone 16 and starting at 1,300 euros for the Pro and Pro Max models.

When are the iPhone 16 going to be launched?

We expect Apple to introduce the iPhone 16s at a dedicated event in September 2024 . If we follow the usual calendar, the presentation would be on Tuesday of the second week of the month. After her, the following Friday the reservations would open and it would reach stores and customers after another week. Therefore, we are talking about having it in our hands before October.

There is still a long way to go before we have a clear image of the iPhone 16, but little by little more rumors and leaks are taking shape. We are, yes, before a generation that, without a doubt, will be able to surprise us.

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