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New Pixel Watch 2 and Pixel Buds Pro: as incredible as they are innovative

. The Pixel Watch 2 and Pixel Buds Pro are preparing for their launch with features that are as special as they are innovative, so take a look if you’re interested.

Google has not only announced its next-generation smartphones, the Pixel 8 series , but also a new smartwatch and headphones that aim to leave their mark

Pixel Watch 2

Google wants to turn the Pixel Watch 2 into a device that is beyond conventional and advanced compared to current watches. This is why monitoring sensors promise greater precision , as well as more options;

While the Pixel Buds Pro wireless headphones have sound detection functions for conversations, among other qualities. Find out all about both below:

Pixel Watch 2 and Pixel Buds Pro specifications

Pixel Watch 2: a smartwatch that measures everything

Monitoring physical condition and training was the main element why smart watches began to become popular, in addition to controlling notifications without taking the phone out of the pocket.

Google has put all the effort into making the Pixel Watch 2 a very special smartwatch to obtain information about your body and improve your training. Gain design with a more curved appearance and a 100% recycled aluminum finish .

Google pixel Watch 2

It is 10% lighter than Google’s first smartwatch and maintains the essence of the brand under the premise of wearing it comfortably for 24 hours.

To do this, it integrates all Fitbit health and fitness functions through a new, completely renewed application for greater convenience. Likewise, it provides real-time data to progress your training optimally.

This along with a series of new much more precise heart rate sensors thanks to AI, temperature measurement and one capable of identifying stress in the user in real time and based on their physical indicators.

On the Pixel Watch 2 you can add medical information of interest and activate a fall detection option that will automatically notify emergencies.

All these options are no problem for its 24-hour battery (with screen always on) and a fast charge that reaches 50% autonomy in just half an hour.

Wear OS 4 is the latest version of the watch operating system and the protagonist of the Pixel Watch 2. This means that applications can be downloaded from the Play Store .

For example, among the most notable possibilities is to answer or send audios through WhatsApp , as well as navigate between conversations, and Spotify to listen to music.

It also comes standard with Google services such as Gmail, Maps and Wallet, among others, to navigate the city or pay the bill from the smartwatch , respectively.

An interesting option at the software level is to make a backup copy of the device so that the change to a new model in the future is easier.

The Pixel Watch 2 released on October 12, although you can now make the purchase and order in advance, starting today for 399 dollars in any of its 3 colors.

Pixel Buds Pro: the best sound quality

The Pixel Buds Pro wireless earbuds that boast of a small and ergonomic design along with a very nice matte finish are set to receive a major software update. These have active noise cancellation , the integrated Google Assistant and connect via Bluetooth 5.0. Other notable features include quick switching between multiple devices connected simultaneously and support for spatial audio for immersive 3D audio.

Among the interesting noise cancellation functions is the Clear Calls function to isolate the ambient sound around you so that you can be heard perfectly when sending an audio or answering a call. This means that they also have a microphone. Another interesting addition to the new Google headphones is Conversation Detection so that the music stops on its own when it recognizes that we have started talking to someone and deactivates noise cancellation.

Like the Pixel Watch 2, Google has equipped the Pixel Buds Pro with health features . These headphones allow the user to delve into their hearing health through their listening behaviors while the app provides notifications about the volume.

The Pixel Buds Pro update is available today for all those who have them. For those who don’t, they can be purchased in blue and porcelain for a price of 201.24 euros on Amazon.

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