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The 3 smartwatches wear os Xiaomi, Google and OPPO are ready

Samsung is being the bulwark of Wear OS, but if Google wants to expand the system of smartwatches , it needs more important partners

If we talk about the Wear OS system, the synonym should be the Pixel Watch . Well, that would be logical, just as when we think about the latest versions of Android, our minds should go to the Google Pixel as they are the first phones to feature the new features of the system.

However, in the case of Wear OS things change because it is Samsung that has won the crown of the most advanced Android watch or, at least, the latest. That may all be about to change, as watches from Xiaomi, Google, and OnePlus with Wear OS are coming . And I’m looking forward to seeing what they propose and, above all, how they deal with the updates.

Wear OS needs allies. Xiaomi and OnePlus can be among the best

There are several watches with Wear OS on the market , but the truth is that there are extremely few that have a cutting-edge update policy. An example is Mobvoi with its TicWatch, since they have outdated versions of the system and are reluctant to update due to alleged problems with their dual-screen system. The TicWatch Pro 5 arrived this summer and it did so with Wear OS 3 without a clear date for Wear OS 4 .

Until now, the only ones that have been offering the latest software for three generations are the Samsung models . With the move to Wear OS given with the Galaxy Watch4 and with a latest model – the Galaxy Watch6 Classic – which debuted with Wear OS 4, they are the most ambitious in this regard.

New smartwatches release news

On October 4 the tables could begin to turn. And that day the Pixel 8 will be presented , but also the new Pixel Buds and the highly anticipated Pixel Watch 2. The first did not reach many countries and we have to wait to see what happens with this new generation, but what is clear is that it will arrive fully updated to the latest version.

Now, Google – Wear OS specifically – needs allies outside of Samsung . That’s where two models come into play that could be extremely interesting and that I’m looking forward to.

The first is the Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro. It has already been leaked in great detail and we know that it will have the Snapdragon W5+ Gen 1 , as well as 2 GB of RAM and will have a circular AMOLED screen with a diagonal of 1.43 inches and a remarkable pixel density: 326 pixels per inch.

Obviously, we have to wait for the official presentation this coming September 26 (we will also know the Xiaomi 13T ) to know all the official details of the watch, but what we know is that Google is going to support it enthusiastically. In the Wear OS account they have reposted the Xiaomi teaser and we know that it will arrive with the Play Store , being the first Xiaomi to have the integrated application store .

Leaked design of the Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro (Images: Arsène Lupin)

That Xiaomi releases a watch with Wear OS is not new, but at the point we are at it is very important for the future of the platform. Of course, although I really want to see this model, another one that could be a great Trojan horse is the smartwatch with Wear OS that OnePlus is preparing . Although it could also be an OPPO Watch.

And a few days ago it was discovered that OPPO and OnePlus were preparing new watches with the Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 platform and with a version of Color OS for China. Having the Snapdragon W5, the easiest thing is for them to end up reaching the Western market with Wear OS – And, in the end, a smartwatch from OnePlus and Xiaomi, with the name that both companies have, could boost the adoption of the system by other manufacturers .

More details need to be specified about this new OPPO Watch or OnePlus Watch with Wear OS and, for now, the only insurance is the Xiaomi model, but it seems that, finally, we are going to have several contenders with the Google system for watches.

Now what is needed is for all those who are coming out to adopt a generous policy when it comes to updates . And not only that they update them over time, but that they are not like Mobvoi watches and receive those updates quickly.

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