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The little-known function that is hidden in your Amazon Fire Stick Tv to enjoy series and movies

Amazon Fire Stick has multiple options both in terms of content and functionality. Many don’t know this trick, but it may make watching movies or series much more comfortable for you.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The weekend is coming, and you have free time to immerse yourself in an exciting marathon of your favorite series . You’ve set up a cozy corner on the couch and there’s that soft blanket. You’re ready to enjoy hours of entertainment. However, halfway through the chapter: banging on the wall. Enthusiasm turns into frustration, volume is an insurmountable obstacle.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max with 2-Year Protection Plan

Your Amazon Fire Stick may have the solution. There are many settings that go unnoticed by users, and could even give you an immersive and improved experience. If you don’t like subtitles, or you need the sound effects to be very loud for your immersion in fiction, if your apartment is small, your partner gets up early or you are afraid of waking up your child: you can try this trick .

Amazon fire stick Amazing features

It’s about configuring your wireless headphones via Bluetooth to listen to television. You may not have thought of it, or you may not have even considered it possible, but with Amazon Fire Stick you can do it very easily .

How tto set up amazon fire stick Tv

Once connected you will have the sound at the volume you want , enveloping and without disturbing anyone in your home. Plus, it’s something you can do very quickly and easily: if someone warns you that the volume is too high, you can activate the option in a second.

How to pair your headphones

First, go to Settings . You can achieve this by tapping the gear icon on the home screen or simply asking Alexa , if your Amazon Fire Stick has one, to take you there. Once in Settings, navigate to Bluetooth Controllers and Devices.

Afterwards, select the Other Bluetooth devices option . From this point, follow the instructions provided by your headphones or speakers to synchronize the devices and that’s it, if your device is compatible you can now enjoy your series.

Fire TV Stick gives you access to a wide variety of online content, including movies, TV shows, music, games, and more. Plus, you can stream content from popular services like Netflix , Amazon Prime Video , Disney+ , YouTube , and many other platforms. By syncing your headphones you have access to thousands of hours of content without worrying about the volume.

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