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New Amazon Fire TV Stick: release date, price and features

The Amazon Fire TV Sticks seems imminent, we even already know some of their most notable features, their presentation date and some more details such as their possible price.

Amazon is about to launch two new Fire TV Stick models . Two devices have obtained approval from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in the United States, which points to an imminent arrival on the market.

One of them will offer support for the WiFi 6 standard , while the other will provide compatibility with WiFi 6E , the latest technology available on the market. This suggests the arrival of a standard Fire TV Stick and a high-end model.

Amazon fire stick Tv

This marks an important milestone, as none of the current Fire TV Stick models support WiFi 6E . Until now, only the Fire TV Cube , launched last year, had this technology.

The new models could potentially replace at least one of the existing models. Given their WiFi compatibility, they are likely to be positioned as high-end models, ideal for enjoying 4K content.

According to the clues, we could be looking at the launch of a new Fire TV Stick 4K and a Fire TV Stick 4K Max, or something similar. Despite the possible incorporation of improvements in RAM, the processor and the internal storage capacity , these features are not expected to generate very significant improvements in performance, so its most relevant improvement would focus on the connectivity and the aforementioned compatibility with WiFi 6.

Regarding the price of the new Amazon Fire TV , we know that the current Fire TV Stick 4k Max costs around 70 euros – currently reduced by 60% -. Therefore, the new models are expected to be around that figure, which would justify the price reduction of the current models.

When will the new Amazon Fire TV Stick be presented?

Amazon has scheduled an event for September 20, 2023 , where these new devices, their price and final features are expected to be officially revealed, so we will have to wait for that date.

Be that as it may, the upcoming Amazon Fire TV Sticks promise to take the streaming experience to the next level with the addition of WiFi 6 and WiFi 6E . So if you have a router with these capabilities, it may be a great time to update your device.

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