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This nifty app 1st scans your LEGO stacks Give you LEGO instructions

Most LEGO lovers probably have a pile of plastic pieces saved up that they plan to organize “one day.” It’s hard to plan what to build when your LEGO bricks are all jumbled up,

but thanks to a fan-made app called Brickit , you won’t have to spend hours searching for the right pieces. The app uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to scan your messy collection of LEGO bricks and give you personalized suggestions on what to build with them.

To use Brickit, all you have to do is point your smartphone at your LEGO pieces using the in- app AI camera . The app then quickly scans the area and tries to recognize as many bricks as it can. The more people use it, the smarter the machine learning app becomes and the more LEGO bricks it recognizes.

Once the app has finished taking inventory of your LEGO collection, it will show you a series of building ideas that you can bring to life with the pieces you have in front of you. It will even tell you exactly where the blocks are in the stack, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time searching for them.

Lego instructions app

Brickit is not limited to proposing simple designs such as LEGO trains and houses; The app is extremely creative when it comes to LEGO builds. So far, their suggestions have included dogs, typewriters, cameras, boomboxes and small synthesizers. You can even customize the suggested designs with different colors and bricks. And when you’re done, the app also includes a section for you to take a photo and share your build with your friends.

The Brickit app uses AI technology to scan your messy collection of LEGO bricks and suggest what to build with them.

This aapp also give you LEGO instructions How to combine and build a new toy or set

you can download Brickit from Appstore

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