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AliExpress launches its first credit card in Europe. The chosen country has nothing by chance: Spain

AliExpress For their first credit card with euros they have partnered with the Spanish digital bank WiZink

The Chinese giant Alibaba, known for being the owner of the e-commerce platform AliExpress, has a new financial product. And it’s not just any one, but their own credit cards. And for this launch they have chosen Spain as the country where they will premiere. It is no coincidence, since our country represents one of its most important markets worldwide.

Credit cards with ‘cashback’ for AliExpress. This credit card will be available to purchase from the fourth quarter of the year, with Spain being the first country in Europe where it will be available.

ALIEXPRESS card benefits

The card will allow customers to get 10% cashback for AliExpress purchases , and can reach up to 20% in specific offers and special campaigns. For purchases outside of Alibaba, this cash back will be 1%.

From the hand of WiZink. To create this card, Alibaba has decided to join forces with the Spanish digital bank WiZink. An “important milestone in our partnership strategy”, as described by Francisco Javier Cobo, business director of WiZink.

Gary Topp, commercial director for Europe at AliExpress, explained that “this agreement reinforces its commitment to continuously improving the experience of its customers in the Spanish market.”

It is no coincidence that Alibaba chooses Spain. The AliExpress manager makes clear the relevance of Spain for the company. “Spain is one of our priority markets in Europe,” he explains. But not only at the European level. “It is one of the five main markets in the world,” they comment while remembering that their application is among the first shopping applications in the App Store.

In addition to credit cards, Spain has also been the first market where AliExpress launched its physical stores. As well as its website for mid-high range products: Miravia .

Financing for 3 months. In addition to the ‘cashback’, the advantage of this credit card is that it will allow free financing to be able to postpone the first purchase a year on AliExpress for three months, between 85 and 300 euros. From the second purchase, a fixed cost of 2 euros or 20 euros for products up to 1,000 euros and a one-year deferral will be applied.

Same strategy as PcComponentes or Privalia. With this move, AliExpress is on par with other e-commerce platforms that already allow you to obtain discounts through the WiZink credit card. This is the case of PcComponentes, Privalia, Glovo, Cepsa, Iberia or Lidl, among other companies.

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