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Breaking : TikTok is considering a paid subscription $4.99 without advertising

TikTok is testing a $4.99 monthly subscription model in the United States that will allow you to use the social network without advertising.

Tiktok subscription

It is clear that TikTok set a trend with the launch of the short video format, something that both YouTube with Shorts and Instagram with its Reels have imitated.

Now, the situation is totally different and the popular social network is imitating the trends of other similar applications.. So much for the good: the ability to publish only text to give your users more options; as well as the bad: betting on paid subscription models, something that it seems that Meta is going to launch in a very short time .

As Android Authority has discovered in the code of the latest version of the application, it seems that an ad-free monthly subscription plan is going to be launched as an option for its users .

TIKTOK ads free Subscription testing

We are testing the ad-free plan with the TikTok community . By continuing, you accept and acknowledge that you have read our privacy policy. You also agree to start the subscription without ads. The price includes VAT,” the code reads.

This model would cost about $4.99 per month and is currently being tested in the United States , something you can see in a screenshot of the application obtained by the American media.

At the moment there has been no official announcement from TikTok and it does not appear on all accounts, which suggests that they are seeing how this measure is taken by selected users and depending on its success, it may or may not be extended to more users.

Also, since it is a testing phase, the final price could go up or down when it is made available to the public.

Until now, TikTok has mainly relied on advertising. The platform has some revenue sharing mechanisms for creators, and also has a direct live subscription feature that allows users to subscribe directly to a creator.

It is the first time that the social media and short video app accepts money directly in exchange for an ad-free user experience.

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