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When iPhone 15 is coming? iPhone 15 Release Date

iPhone 15: Release date, price, models and everything we think we know about them

The summer months still have to end for it to be presented, but rumors about an iPhone 15 are already circulating and give us clues as to what we may find on September 12 . As expected as its predecessor, this new family of iPhones already has a presentation date set for a few days. Let’s see everything we know about him from the most reliable leaks.

When are the iPhone 15 going to be launched?

The iPhone 15 will be presented at an Apple event already confirmed for September 12, with pre-sale on the 15th and with availability starting on the 22nd if the predictions are correct. There is a store in the United Kingdom that has already asked its employees not to take vacations from September 15 to October 7, 2023, for example. There will be a record run of units during the first weeks of launch, although there are rumors of a possible delay towards October from one analyst.

If your desire to know details goes beyond the iPhone 15, remember that you can also read everything we know about the iPhone 16 that should see the light of day in September 2024. Yes, the rumors are already talking about it.

What price will the iPhone 15 have?

It is still early to be able to make price calculations, although if inflation remains the same and the value of the dollar against the euro does not change, we should expect prices similar to those of the iPhone 14 or even higher . It could also be that the euro gains more strength, the crisis with Ukraine eases and then prices relax a bit.

One sign that prices will probably rise is what Tim Cook recently said at a press conference on financial results: according to him there is still room to continue raising prices as demand for high-end terminals remains very high.

What design will the iPhone 15 wear?

the moment what we have in the rumor mill about the appearance of the iPhone 15 is a design that would look quite similar to that of the iPhone 14, although with its more rounded rear edges . This may provide a more comfortable grip if we use the phone without a case. Other clues also point to changes so that the terminal is more similar to an Apple Watch , with even thinner frames than the iPhone 14. Regarding materials, very early rumors are betting on titanium.

What we can do while we wait for more detailed rumors of that design is to take a look at concepts of an ‘iPhone 15 Ultra’ that some designers have already launched and that play with inheriting some of the features of the Apple Watch Ultra .

Something that we still do not expect is a foldable design: the iPhone 15 will continue to have its usual shape, and it is not expected that we will have folding screens on that device for a few years. Let’s think that right now, everything indicates that the iPhone is ceasing to be Apple’s priority in terms of improvements and product development.

Regarding colors, the leaks indicate the end of the gold color that has been with us since the iPhone 6s. The standard iPhone 15 will have a range of pastel colors while the iPhone 15 Pro will adopt dark colors in various shades of gray and navy blue .

How many models will there be of the iPhone 15?

If there are no surprises, the iPhone range will not have changes compared to last year:

A 6.1-inch iPhone 1

5A 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Plus

A 6.1-inch iPhone 15 Pro

A 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Pro MaxI

n the past there was talk of an additional model called the “iPhone 15 Ultra” , but that is likely a new nomenclature for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. It will depend on the marketing strategy.

What features will the iPhone 15 have?

At the moment little is known, but that is what the rumors and analysts have put on the table. Let’s classify it to be clearer:


  • The iPhone 15 would be the first to have a USB-C port , marking the end of the Lightning cable on Apple phones. This change would be motivated by new European laws that want to universalize USB-C as a charging port for everything. There are already spy photos that demonstrate the existence of that port and even cables with matching colors .
  • This USB-C port could be capable of transferring data at 40 Gb/s , although according to Ming-Chi Kuo it would only happen in the Pro models of the iPhone 15. And we will have to see if the European Commission does not retaliate , because the MFi certificate It can be taken as a way to continue prioritizing the sale of certain cables. In fact, more and more rumors pointing to high-speed Thunderbolt connectivity are surfacing every day , although these types of cables may be a separate purchase .
  • We would also have advances in wireless connectivity with the arrival of WiFi 6E , at least in the iPhone 15 Pro.
  • A new U2 chip could prepare the iPhone 15 to integrate and communicate better with the Vision Pro , according to Ming-Chi Kuo. This chip would increase bandwidth and connection speed with nearby devices.
  • Bloomberg has reasons to affirm that the 5G modem of the iPhone 15 will continue to be the one produced by Qualcomm, and not one of its own production as the rumors said.


  • The bezel of the screens would be much thinner than on the iPhone 14, so we would have a larger diagonal in the same size phone.
  • The Dynamic Island of the iPhone 14 Pro would be present in the entire iPhone 15 range , reserving the always-on screen and the variable 120Hz ProMotion for the ‘Pro’ range. These are data from Ross Young, whose reliability is not exactly bad, and which have been supported by more sources . The screens, by the way, would have BOE and Samsung as suppliers .
  • The standard iPhone 15 would still not have a ProMotion screen .

Chip and memory

  • The A17 chip that the iPhone 15 Pro may carry could focus on offering more autonomy and not more power: Apple would seek to squeeze efficiency so that the phone’s charge lasts longer. However, the first leaked performance tests of the chip are very promising.
  • The iPhone 15 Pro could have up to 8 GB of RAM , which could open new frontiers in terms of software.

Battery and charging

The iPhone 15 battery would be laminated , providing more autonomy and a charge that can reach 40W via USB-C. In specific leaked figures, these would be the capacities:

iPhone 15: 3,877 mAh (598 mAh more than iPhone 14)

iPhone 15 Pro: 3,650 mAh (450 mAh more than iPhone 14 Pro)

iPhone 15 Pro Max: 4,852 mAh (529 mAh more than iPhone 14 Pro Max)

Wireless charging would also be fully compatible with the Qi2 standard , developed in part by Apple.


Según se ha filtrado en renderizados, los iPhone 15 Ultra podrían aumentar el grosor de sus cámaras a lo nunca visto. Aunque cuidado: otros rumores dicen que ese grosor podría reducirse.

Las cámaras de los iPhone 15 Pro incluirían grandes mejoras en sus sensores, gracias a unos nuevos componentes que fabricaría Sony junto con el refuerzo de TSMC que permitirían que todos los modelos de la gama saltasen a los 48 MP de calidad. Además el modelo Pro Max tendría una estructura de lentes periscópicas que le darían un zoom de 5 o 6 aumentos y que obligarían al dispositivo a hacer cambios en sus componentes internos.

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